Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Africans and Muslims migrants flocking to Europe

Booming European Union job markets, now the largest economy in the world attracting migrants

LONDON - The job markets of a booming European Union, now the largest economy in the world, have fueled a perilous, high-dollar traffic in legal and illegal migrants from Africa and Eastern Europe, and few who make the journey escape without scars.

According to the United Nations, population growth in developing countries is nearly six times what it is in the developed world, fueling a flow of migrants from underdeveloped states to countries with stronger, stable economies.

More than ever that means the European Union. The 27-state EU, with a population of more than 490 million, is even larger than the United States. The EU’s GDP of nearly $14 trillion makes it the world’s largest economic bloc — and a magnet for job-seekers.

Most of the world’s international migrants — 64 million — reside in Europe, compared to 45 million in the United States and Canada. See Article: Migration and the changing face of Europe

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