Monday, February 27, 2006

Poem Of The Week

Die Death Die by Ahk Ehliyahtsiel-Cleveland Family
Die death stop killing the trees they where put here so all the land dwelling inhabitants of the Earth could breath; Die death die stop paving covering the earth with concrete suffocating what truly comes from underneath; Die death die stop bleeding the Earth dry stealing her blood her oil her source of life; Die death die stop hunting the animals down treating them like beast like you were are and will always be; Die death die stop creating waist dumping it in the oceans and the lakes the rivers and the streams; Die death die stop killing the little fishes; Die death die wicked bandit go away; Die death die stop imitating life Stop telling the lies doctors practitioners doing more stealing killing and crooked-dealing; Sale the people some drugs to take away the pain you ain’t healing nobody but getting crazy paid only in America that’s the name of the game; Die death die tell the people truth; But you can’t handle the truth, So im going to speak at my people Oh but I’ll get back you cause your still gone die death die; Naw wait a minute I ain’t even gone separate the two cause I done had it up to here; Death im tired of you die death die; My people stop listen to them lies, trying to obey this man made law and stay out of jail Better get hip to YAH’S laws My people where in hell; With no desire for truth a mediocre love for our youth lies are promoted every sec. every min. every hr. every day all week through out all humanity; Worshiping materials what a vanity; Death over the theft of a car stereo my people this is insanity; Stop telling them lies and change your wicked ways Im tired of seeing my peoples caught up in this Euro-Gentile maze; Lies are meant to deceive mislead in other words make you believe that its ok to play and lay and pray w\ the Serpents seed, the captures, the masters, the devil helpers; The enemies taught us their tongue, their walk of life their god their money right \ In the dollar they trust And for it they lust \ Yet the only reason they prosper My people is because of us / off the rip we teach or babies to Fein for gifts from some fat white man / Think of all the killings and wicked Kaotic dealings that go on around the way during this season of love and happiness ok; Yeah Lucifer im hip to your plan got my people stuck thinking right is wrong and down is up I’m waking them up Those that choose to listen to what Ehliyahtsiel be spitten; Mentally you mastered me with your Demonic lying hypnotic ways But I used my third eye my YAH mind The truth the light to guild me through your twisted maze, and I’m gone show my people how to do same; These are the last days / I am but a rivulet of the remnant; Die death die Yisrael is back to change the game; Die death die in the pit with you, all of creation will be no-longer sick with you; Final confrontation a breath of life To be continued……..