Friday, October 13, 2006

CFF-Tallahassee-On the Move!!!!

Tallahassee opens the KOY’s 3rd Soul Vegetarian Restaurant on Wheels! A Kingdom Success Story!

Article submitted by Ahk Ahmahtsiyah-KNN Tallahassee

On Wednesday October 4, 2006, the saints of the Tallahassee, Florida mission opened the KOY’s third Soul Vegetarian Restaurant on wheels. And the report is awesome! Shortly after the Tallahassee Brotherhood set up the food trailer the first group of customers excitedly approached the counter and placed their orders while exclaiming their appreciation for being able to get Soul Vegetarian’s delicious cuisine during the evening hours (Monday thru Friday, 5pm to 10pm). As the evening progressed, the Tallahassee Sisterhood served scores of customers as they continued to come until just minutes before closing. At the end of the first night of business, the new food trailer’s performance had met and exceeded all expectations. Prior to the opening of this new location, Soul Vegetarian on Wheels had only been operating during the lunchtime hours (Monday thru Friday, 11am to 4pm). This latest expansion will now provide the extremely loyal Soul Vegetarian customer base with greater access to our cuisine!

To give some background, Soul Vegetarian Restaurant on wheels began back in 1995 as an idea of Prince Rahm Ben Yehudah (Southern Region Representative and Holy Council member of the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem) and made its initial appearance in the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta Georgia. During the Olympic Games the KOY and partners successfully operated three food trailers and served multitudes of people. Then in October of 1997, after learning that Prince Rahm was offering two of the food trailers for sale on behalf of the KOY, the young saints of the Tallahassee, Florida mission purchased one of the food trailers and began operating on Florida A&M Universities campus. The food trailers still currently operate on the campus today. The original team of saints consisted of Ahmahtsiyah, Nehehmahnyah, Zacoor, Daniella, Zohariah, Emah Hotirah and Prahkeet. Several months later as they recognized the great potential of the food trailers, the saints purchased the second food trailer in January of 1998. It currently operates in the heart of downtown Tallahassee on Kleman Plaza (200 N. Duval St) which the saints have aptly renamed Kingdom Court.

The new food trailer sits just off the corner of Gaines Street and Railroad Avenue in a well populated area just blocks from downtown Tallahassee. The two major universities in town: Florida A&M (FAMU) and Florida State (FSU) are within walking distance of the new food trailer. The location is also home to a very well developed artist community and there is a 300 room Residence Inn by Marriott near completion on the corner adjacent to the food trailer.

The look of the new food trailer is totally different from the two existing trailers. The first and most astounding aspect of the new trailer is that the Divine Jerusalem Brotherhood in the Southern Region, again inspired by and under the direction of Prince Rahm, conceptualized, designed and then piece by piece built the new food trailer. You see, the original food trailers are stainless steel and were purchased “ready made” from a company in New Jersey. But Prince Rahm envisioned that the KOY could build a trailer with all of the desired custom features and at the same time save money doing it! And the results are awe inspiring! The exterior of the trailer is made from the finest marine lumber that has been stained and coated with 3 layers of poly urethane seal. This process protects the wood and gives it a high gloss shine. Also, the new food trailer design is 2 to 3 feet taller than most mobile units, a feature that harmonizes with the distinguished manner in which the KOY implements all its expansion projects. Surely all heads turn when viewing this perfectly functional design of skill and craftsmanship. The interior has all the amenities that one needs to prepare and serve delicious Soul Vegetarian cuisine including a refrigerator/freezer, steam table, counter top stove, blenders, 3 compartment sink, cabinet space and electricity. The menu consists of all the Soul Vegetarian favorites (Bar-b-que tofu, mac & cheese, kale-bone, Garvey burgers, soy beam ice cream, sweet potato pie, live/raw platters, etc.) as well as a few regional selections.

Respect and continued encouragement is given not only to the saints of the Tallahassee mission, but to all saints near and far who unify under the KOY platform of the divine order of all things in common to bring about expansion. The current team of saints consists of Ahmahtsiyah, Anahv, Ahmdiel, Aveeazer, Daniella, D’Gahnyah, Prahkeet, sister Candy, sister Simone and sister Renee. This great expansion is evidence of the great advancements taking place on the earth within the framework of the KOY paradigm. It demonstrates once again that there is no need to look “outside” for the answers; for it has been revealed to us that the Living Yah dwells in the midst of us and therefore so does all of the answers to life’s blessings! Halleluyah! Yah Khai! And thanks and praises to His Excellency Ben Ammi Ben Israel, the Living Yah, for the power that He has given us in this season!

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