Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sugarless Week and Live Week to Commence

Akote Hodahvyah-KNN Chicago

In our pursuit of perfect health and Everlasting Life it has been decreed that four (4) times a year there will be a Sugarless Week and a Live Food Consumption Week. During Sugarless Week we will consume no sugar, honey, or other sweeteners that have not been approved by the Ministry of Divine Health. During Live Food Consumption Week we will consume the required live food diet.

Sugarless Week will commence on Yom Shee Shee (Friday) Sept. 1, 2006 (at sundown) and end on Motsai Shabbat (Saturday) Sept. 9, 2006 (at sundown). Live Food Week will commence on Motsi Shabbat (Saturday) Sept. 9, 2006 (at sundown) and end on Yom Shee Shee (Friday) Sept. 15, 2006 (at sundown).

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