Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sisterhood Conference celebrates the 40th year of the 45 second vision

By Paziyah E. Navoniel-KNN Writer

The Divine Jerusalem Sisterhood of the African Hebrew Israelite Community (North American Theater) held it's annual Sisterhood Conference last weekend at the Shady Lakes Resort near Chicago Ill.

Aturah Yoahnah (Chicago) opened up with a visual demonstration of the vow: "I shall shine forth the light of thy loving kindness upon my brother, my sister, my children and the stranger that enters into my presence, so that they may see always a light on the path that leadeth unto you." She had sisters representing various entities come forward carrying a candle to show the roles we all play within the KOY and the impact we have on the world.

Aturah Yafah (Atlanta) opened with Mark 13:27 telling us that now is the time the Anointed is pulling out the elect (those that will cause major influence). One righteous man will put 1000 to flight (Joshua 23:10). She told us the sisterhood have a date with destiny, and they must move forward to build Yah's Kingdom. It is time to refocus, recommit and rededicate. The daughters of Yah are the epitome of grace and Godliness (GBT pg 199 or The Resurrection pg. 98). We have a lot of work to do, setting the example of sisterhood for the world, but we must move into our realm of being Goddesses to accomplish it.

Aturah Shamiyah (Texas) gave a presentation on Divine Family. She told us to begin with the end in mind, always keeping the standard in mind. Never use excuses, have what needs to be done already prepared, always be organized, keep a sense of humor, think that our families will always be a family of wonder, excitement and excellence, we must never arrive in the land of the done (thinking we have nothing else to accomplish).

Akote Ahuvyah (St.Louis) spoke on Khavah. She taught that Khavah was able to submit herself to a mind greater than herself. In the first rounds of a fight you fight on the defense and you think on a personal "me" level. In the latter rounds you fight on the offense and begin to incorporate the needs of the group as a whole. She gave examples of the infertile, unreceptive mind (Isaiah 1:2,4,9 and 14:12) and told us where our minds needed to be. We must totally submit to this Truth and the instructions that we are being given. If not, we can never move into our fullness. Yah Khai!!!

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