Saturday, August 12, 2006

Dr. Baruch hits the radio

KNN Staff

Radio One entices Dr. Baruch back in front of the mic to educate the Masses on Health, Wealth and Relationships. Listen to Dr. Baruch every Saturday morning from 7 to 8 on WOL 1450 on the AM dial or check him out on the net at Stop the madness and let’s start living life like its Golden. Want to advertise on the Dr. Baruch Morning Show, reply to this email with that request. Sign up for Dr. Baruch’s Super Shrink Me - Weight Loss Clinic August 26,2006. Please contact me for speaking engagements and nutritional consultations for you or a friend. "Together we can make the world healthier. "Check out my website for information on wellness and wealth creation advice and tools. Rescheduled for September - Due to overwhelming demand, I am offering for the second time this year the Conquering Diabetes Seminar. More information will be forthcoming. Please send me your suggestions for future Wellness Wednesday topics. I Love you and pray that you support your body's continual efforts to be healthy. Don't let the desires of your tongue or the influence of radio and TV advertisement get in your way. At your service, Dr. Baruch. Contact me at or

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Anonymous said...

You did a feature on the Michael Basiden Show in March. You guys gave out a wealth of information about health and cures. You or the other guy mention that HepC can be cured from the liver. Would you, please tell give me that information.