Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cleveland: Collective shopping reaps bountiful harvest

All things in common approach to food shopping works by Shmerah E. Keymah-KNN Cleveland

This past week in Cleveland all of the larger household combined their collective resources and purchased their market shopping collectively. Purchasing our food as a collective gives us the benefit of making bulk purchases thereby allowing us to save money. Each family puts in $25 per week and received more food than their refrigerators can hold. We also save on gas money by having one person drive to the market to do all the shopping vs. each individual family driving to the same market to buy the same food items. "We are all buying the same stuff anyway, fruits and vegetables, it just makes sense", explained Ahk Roeel-member of the Cleveland Family Brotherhood. In today's society were individualism is the order of the day, the brothers and sisters of the Cleveland Family of the Kingdom of Yah are returning back to the basics and reaping great benefits by embracing an "all things in common" approach to day to day living.

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