Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dimona's House of Life - Birthing a New Generation of Children


The House of Life, the natural child birthing center founded by the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem, is the crown jewel of this successful system, a thriving prototype setting a new standard in wellness. Since its establishment in 1971, over 700 children have been delivered without the use of drugs or invasive surgical procedures. Undoubtedly, the care program of the House of Life, is the most advanced in the world, providing care for both the newborn and the mother according to Biblical guidelines. In contrast to modern trends, the emphasis at the House of Life is clearly upon providing a divine, wholesome and nurturing atmosphere for birth and aftercare instead of financial concerns and stress. Experienced midwives offer insightful instruction through a pre-delivery program that ultimately alleviates much of the discomfort normally associated with delivery.

At the time of birth, the atmosphere is one of holiness. Immediately outside the birthing area, Priests read specific prayers that both strengthen and calm the mother, and create a sacred environment for the newborn infant. Afterward, the mother is given a period of time during which she is not to engage in any activities other than the care and nurturing of the newborn child. According to Biblical guidelines this period is forty (40) days following the birth of a male child, and eighty (80) days following the birth of a female, to insure the mother's complete recovery. (Leviticus 12:2-5) She spends the first two weeks in the House of Life where her meals are prepared and served, her laundry and other tasks are done for her, while the mother focuses exclusively on bonding with the new baby and regaining her strength. Compare this to medical insurance today, which in most cases covers one day in the hospital before sending the mother home to care not only for herself and the new child, but also for her existing family. In many instances, in addition to taking care of her family, the new mother must also return to work immediately.

In the House of Life, all meals are completely vegan, prepared with organic fruits and vegetables grown by the Community to ensure the best possible nutrients are provided to the mother. All of this is provided at an average cost of one hundred dollars ($100) for the entire two weeks in the House of Life. Compare this to the average cost of having a baby in an American hospital today, which ranges from eight thousand ($8,000) to twenty thousand ($20,000) dollars, for a one or two-day stay. Clearly the House of Life has set a new standard in pre-, delivery and post-natal care... Seeking in all ways, to be in accordance with the Will and the Plan of God.

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