Monday, July 10, 2006

Building collapses in N.Y. City

Blast, fire takes down New York City building
Suicide attempt suspected
; 15 injured in explosion but none dead-MSNBC News
NEW YORK - A four-story building housing doctors’ offices collapsed and burned in an apparent gas explosion Monday after what witnesses described as a thunderous blast that rocked an upscale neighborhood just off Madison Avenue.
At least 15 people were injured, including at least six firefighters, the Fire Department said. One of the injured was the doctor who owned the building.
Fire Department Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta said officials suspect the doctor, who was in critical condition, might have caused a natural gas leak in a suicide attempt. "It is possible it is a suicide [attempt]," he told WNBC-TV. See Article: Building collapses in N.Y. City See Photos: Midtown explosion

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