Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Making the transition to Wellness

By Ahturah Malcah-St. Louis
Everything on this planet is a by-product of some ones thinking. Health also begins in the mind. Once you have determined in your mind to obtain and maintain good health, the battle is won.

“The longest journey begins with the first step”

It is the start that stops most people. Whatever you commit yourself to, will happen. People willing to help, will be drawn to you. Information will come to you. You will suddenly have the time you thought was not available.

The world is stricken with degenerative diseases. Over ninety percent of these maladies come from poor food choices. The Standard American Diet, SAD, is extremely unhealthy. The American diet is high in fat, processed foods, refined sugars, salt, preservatives, and chemicals. This way of living (dying) is killing us.

Our grandparents ate fewer animal products due to the expense of meat, and exercised more than the current generation. Do you ever wonder how much longer our grandparents might have lived had they not changed to an animal based diet in their later years? We now see chronic diseases in our children. This is insanity.

Making the transition will not be easy. Many special interests are betting you will continue down the same path of diet, disease, and death. Billions of dollars are spent annually to condition you into thinking disease and death is normal. Do we need another commercial touting the benefits of a pill while it destroys our organs? What we require is someone to teach us how to return to the proper diet and lifestyle that will lead to longevity and quality of life.

“Your health is your wealth”. Just think about all the rich and famous personalities that died prematurely. Their money could not save them, but a new understanding could. We teach holistic health and nutrition that promotes life and eliminates disease. We recommend a plant-based diet rather than an animal-based diet.

Many people desire a healthy lifestyle but do not know how to get started. We can help you through awareness and education. We encourage you to take the first step. Please contact us at 314-837-9777 for further information or e-mail us at fisherwellness@sbcglobal.net.

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