Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Israel: Eddie Butler involved in New World Passover celebrations

Luke Fisher reporting from Kent (United Kingdom)
Israel's Eddie Butler was present at celebrations marking the 39th anniversary of the Hewbrew Israelite ''exodus'' from the United States. He was part of the ''New-World Passover'' festivities. Ben Ammi Ben- leader of the groups that left the American shores, spoke to online journal about Eddie Butler- himself with American origins. ''We're always excited about representing Israel,'' Ben Ammi responded, when asked about the community's singer Eddie Butler, who was an enthusiastic envoy of Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest this month.Eddie Butler's song finished in the penultimate postion out of the 24 contestants. This was initially disappointing, however Ben Ammi conceded ''After we considered who won, we knew that the mindset of the people was not ready for the light from Israel.'' In fact, Ben Ammi said that Israel actually emerged as a winner by displaying a unique harmony on stage: ''They (the audience) saw black, they saw white, they saw talent, they saw togetherness, they saw brotherhood. On that stage, they saw Israel in its fullness. That's what we represented. And in that category, we won the Eurovision for Israel.''

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