Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Shanah Tovah! Happy New Year!

By L.E.N. (KNN Writer)
According to the Hebrew Calendar we are in the month of Aviv (the first month), which literally translates to Spring. Aviv or Spring, marks the beginning of the true new year. Spring is a time or renewal. According to Webster’s dictionary, not only is Spring a source of supply, Spring is also an ultimate source of action or motion. This is the true new year, when we spring into action, cleaning our homes, reorganizing our homes and our lives and watching the rebirth of nature all around us. We are all familiar with the popular term Spring Cleaning. This is the time to take out the old in order to make room for what is new. Taking our cues from nature, this is time for us to reemerge. This season marks the beginning of the year; certainly makes more sense, doesn’t it?
The definition of Spring also states: the act or instance of leaping up or forward. This is the time to get up, set our plans into motion and move forward. Remember all those resolutions you made back in January? Wonder why none of those promises could be kept? It wasn’t time yet. Don’t be down on yourself. Spring into the new year by setting new goals. As the cyclical nature of life renews itself again, you must renew yourself too. Participate in the seasonal change by tuning into your body. Throw out those old clothes, those old feelings, that old relationship. Throw away whatever is keeping you from renewing yourself. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping. All the natural elements are urging us to come out. This is a time of celebration. We have labored through the long winter, cold months and the winter blues. The true New Year beckons us to come outside, renew our friendships, renew our vows, and renew that which is meaningful and life giving. Try again with those resolutions for the real New Year. See how much easier it is to keep those personal promises when all of nature is in support!
We are natural beings who are nourished by this earth and must be in tune with the natural order. In this first month, the season of Spring, the true New Year, it is time for us to rise up from the earth. Open the windows and let the fresh air nourish fresh thinking. Go out into the sunlight, allow ourselves to be nourished and regain our glow. Let the rains of the season wash away last year’s residue. Sweep all the drama out the door. Let us start this new year by treating ourselves to all that nature and the spirit of the season have to offer. Two more words used in the definition of Spring are resilience and energy. These words bring about the essence of the New Year. We are resilient, here to celebrate another year. In order to be ready for what this New Year will bring, we must tap in to all positive sources of energy in order to revitalize and reenergize ourselves. The dormant nature of winter has allowed us much time to pray and meditate. The true New Year is time to make things manifest. Shanah Tovah! Happy New Year!

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